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SS 18 “you only need one red heart”

by Asaf Einy

Final sale

Final sale

Aw 18 By Asaf Einy & Noa Nozik

Aw 18 By Asaf Einy & Noa Nozik

Don't you see

It's all about me

It's me that standing there

It's me who has all these thoughts and feelings

Trying to believe that everything can be understood

Trying to believe that I'm not the only one who understands it

Layered on a layer I put my self exposed telling the story about the way we see, listen, watch and judge

Judge yourself within a fake reality.

So tell me

Who's the one to blame

Where should I go

What should I feel

How can I love you


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AW 2009-2010 by Amit Berlowitz

Aw 2008- 2009- collaboration with Victor Bellaish  

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ss 2008 by Amit Berlowitz

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